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  • Anti-corrosion Coating for Steel Pipe

    Date:2015-10-16      View(s):2942      Tag:3PE Coating, FBE Coating, Anti-corrosion Coating for Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel Pipe Coating

    Nowadays, anti-corrosion coated steel pipe is widely used in urban underground pipe network for transporting gas, oil, water, etc. Since the pipeline need to be buried in the soil for a quite long time, so it requires water resistance, chemical resistance and other long-term corrosion resistance. ...

  • ASTM A106 Pressure Pipe

    Date:2015-10-15      View(s):1945      Tag:ASTM A106 pressure pipe, ASTM A 106 seamless pipe, seamless pressure pipe

    We have set the standard for high quality seamless steel pipe products and exceptionally quick turnaround. Now, PRIME STEEL PIPE seamless tube and pipe has ASTM A106 pressure pipe in stock and available when you need it! ...

  • Boiler Tube And Pipe

    Date:2015-10-14      View(s):2035      Tag:Seamless Boiler Tube, Seamless Boiler Pipe

    It takes an uncompromising level of quality to manufacture pressure tubing and piping. ...

  • The difference between SSAW and LSAW steel pipes

    Date:2015-10-13      View(s):2194      Tag:SSAW steel pipes, LSAW steel pipes, LSAW steel pipe manufacturer, SSAW steel pipe manufacturer

    The main differences between SSAW and LSAW steel pipes are in their length and pattern of welding seam. SSAW pipes have longer welding seams than LSAW pieps and so have a higher risk of seam defects. ...


    Date:2015-10-12      View(s):1874      Tag:ERW steel pipes, ERW carbon steel pipes, ERW steel pipe manfuacturer and supplier

    ERW steel pipe is a type of longitudinally welded steel pipe formed by electric resistance welding or electric induction welding without the addition of filler metal. ...


    Date:2015-10-11      View(s):2035      Tag:SSAW steel pipe, SSAW carbon steel pipe, SSAW line pipe, SSAW steel pipe manufacturer and supplier

    SSAW is a type of spirally welded steel pipe produced by using the double-sided submerged arc welding method. Spiral welded pipes are formed using narrower plates or hot rolled coils, which lowers their production costs significantly....

  • Carbon Steel


    Carbon steel, also called plain-carbon steel, is steel where the main interstitial alloying constituent is carbon. ...

  • Black Steel Pipe

    Date:2015-10-02      View(s):1939      Tag:black steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, black seamless steel pipe, black welded steel pipe

    Black steel pipe is made from steel that has not been galvanized. It is called "black" steel pipe becasue the pipe has the dark colored iron-oxide scale formed on its surface. ...

  • Do you know the 3 different types of Spiral Weld Seam ?

    Date:2015-09-23      View(s):3177      Tag:SSAW Carbon Steel Pipes, Manufacturing SSAW Carbon Steel Pipes, Spiral Weld Seam

    SSAW Carbon Steel Pipes is widely used in bridge construction, real estate construction, high way billboard support etc. Do you know there are three different types of Spiral Welded Seam for producing SSAW Carbon Steel Pipes? ...

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