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Storage of Steel Tube
Date:2016-08-24      View(s):1481      Tag:steel tube, carbon steel tube, erw steel tube, seamless steel tube

Pipe may not be directly stacked on the floor, steel or concrete surface, the first layer of steel pipe from the ground at a distance not less than 0.20m. To avoid pipe damp, dust and pollution, steel pipe (or tube bundle) shall be placed in a dusty, damp places, tying both ends of the pipe must be protected with plastic or paper bags, etc., to prevent dust from entering.

Rack or stack level should be neatly arranged, and there is a clear marker number. Pipe should heat number (Lot), variety of different sizes and materials are placed in the designated rack or stack position. The same rack or stack position is not allowed to store the same size as (or similar), the same type of material and outline different heats of steel.

To prevent bending or steel pipe table injury, steel pipe (or tube bundles) should be placed at appropriate intervals and in the same horizontal plane on the sleepers, end of the tube to ensure alignment. For annealed brass, aluminum and similar hose should be placed between layers of isolation sleepers, each for at least two sleepers should be placed in a vertical pipe, and up and down on the positive, to ensure straight alignment. If the pipe

In case of the absence of feeder layer code (including code square stamp) stacked, should be properly placed wedge or use other methods to prevent rolling of steel pipe.

After cold-rolled, cold-drawn or bright annealed steel pipe does not allow open storage. If that stock conditions, open storage should be required to take appropriate precautions to avoid rain, snow, fog and other corrosive media and a lot of dust pollution pipe.

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