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What are the production methods of pipes?
Date:2020-01-06      View(s):538      Tag:steel pipes,seamless pipe

There are many kinds of pipes and their production methods are various. The common production methods are as follows:

(1) Production of pipes by thermal pressure processing. There are many ways to produce hot rolled seamless pipes. The tubes used for hot rolled tubes are hollow billets, solid billets or steel ingots. In hot rolling production, the punching is to pass the heated pipe blank into a thick-walled capillary tube on a perforating machine, and roll the thick-walled capillary tube into a finished tube on the pipe rolling machine to the required wall thickness and accuracy, and then pass the sizing, reduction or expansion Diameter, and finally cooling and finishing.The hot-pressing method is mainly used for rolling pipes, but for non-ferrous metals, rare metals that are difficult to deform, and precious metal machines, special-shaped profile pipes are produced by extrusion.

(2) Pipes are produced by cold pressure processing. The cold-pressure processing method mainly refers to cold-rolled and cold-drawn pipes, and also includes the production of thin-walled extra-large and special-shaped pipes and rotating parts by spinning.

(3) Welded pipe production. The production method of welded pipe is a pipe formed by bending the blank (steel plate, strip) into the required tube shape by different forming methods, and then welding the seams by different welding methods.

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