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Type and Uses of Reducing Flanges
Date:2017-11-16      View(s):1193      Tag:reducing flange, type of reducing flange, uses of reducing flange

Reducing flanges are designed for when there is a change in the pipe size. The predominate flange (dimensions) matching the larger pipe size (NPT) but having a smaller bore matching the smaller pipe size (NPT). These flanges normally come in blind, slip-on, threaded and weld neck flanges.

Reducing flanges are normally provided as one of three types:

Welding neck flange, slip-on flange, threaded flange

Uses of Reducing Flanges:

1. Reducing flanges are used in pipe-to-pipe connections.

2. Reducing flanges are a little easier to bolt up than non-reducing flanges.

3. Reducing flanges  provide the most perfect solution when you need to connect different size flanges.

3. These flanges are available in all types and pressures.

4. Reducing flanges are fixed by welding, gluing or clamping flanges of equal dimensions provided with different connecting pieces.

5. Reducing Flanges offer the simplest and least expensive method of mating two different sized flanges.

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