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The Risk of American Steel Import Restrictions Increase
Date:2017-06-22      View(s):1399      Tag:American steel import restrictions, prime steel pipe
According to foreign media reports, the results of the survey that the US Department of Commerce on foreign imports of steel products is expected to be released this week, the results may make the United States President Trump to "national security" on the grounds of restrictions on steel imports policy policy asymptotic implementation. The EU countries as the representative of the ally countries recently showed fears, analysts said that if the United States take steel import restrictions, leading to trade retaliation situation is inevitable, and even impact on the current global trading system.

According to Article 232 of the US Trade Extension Act of 1962, the US Department of Commerce launched a survey in April on whether or not foreign imports of steel products undermined US national security. US Department of Commerce Ross said that the Ministry of Commerce would be at the end of June to Trump to submit the impact of steel imports on national security impact report. Trump has now launched two such surveys, one for aluminum and the other for steel. Ross said on the 19th, the United States is also considering other investigations.

If it is determined that steel imports threaten national security, Trump will have 90 days to decide whether to use the "232" mandatory license to adjust the product imports or take other non-trade-related measures. In determining what threatens national security, US law gives the president a wide range of freedom of action. Trump's assistant has also made it clear that they have taken a broader perspective than the previous government.

US Minister of Commerce Ross last week in the "Wall Street Journal" hosted a conference that the legal definition of national security is much broader than we imagined, he pointed out the impact of trade on employment and other indicators. Ross said that US officials are not limited to military concerns, he pointed out that the United States only one manufacturer for the transmission of network transformer steel, Rose said that for him, this is a legitimate national security issues.

Production of steel, may be affected by the recent NATO partner countries eager to refute the national security statement, and warned that this may exacerbate the tension between the transatlantic alliance. According to the Financial Times, military officials in Germany and the Netherlands have, over the past two weeks, reflected their concerns to the US Department of Defense and his minister, Matisse. Washington officials say Matisse has already conveyed their concerns.

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