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The Demand Growth of Japanese Construction Steel is The Highest in July This Year
Date:2017-06-15      View(s):1293      Tag:construction steel, prime steel pipe
Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) predicts that Japan's construction of carbon steel demand 1.7 million tons in July, which increases of 7.5%, of which steel demand will increase by 10.1% to 380,000 tons, but the chain falls 2.6%, small bar increases by 9.3% to 68 million tons, down 2.9%.

Tokyo-based construction steel traders said that 7.5% increase is the highest level since this year, maybe the delayed project before began to advance, the actual demand started growth.

Japan's electric furnace steel production enterprise association (Fudenko) official TakayoshiMeiga said there are indications, including rebar, including small bar needs to improve, but the actual increase is not large, the second half of the fiscal year is expected to be reflected in the steel sales.

Previously, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry expected, 4-6 months of the Japanese construction sector with demand for carbon steel 5.14 million tons, up 1.6%, down 3.6%.

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