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The Basic Method of Rust Removal for Boiler Tube
Date:2018-02-23      View(s):816      Tag:rust removal for boiler tube, boiler tube cleaning

The basic method of rust removal for boiler tube:

1. Cleaning

Using the solvent and emulsion to clean the surface of high pressure boiler pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of removing oil, grease, dust, lubricant and similar organic matter. But it cannot remove the dust, oxide skin, welding medicine and so on. So it is only as a supplementary method in the anti-corrosion production.

2. Tool

Tool rust removal mainly use wire brush and other tools to grind the surface of high pressure boiler pipe. It can remove loose or warping of the oxide skin, rust, welding slag and so on. Manual tool can reach SA2 level, power tool can reach SA3 level. If the iron oxide scale attached to the surface, it cannot reach the anchorage depth required by the anti-corrosion construction.

3. Acid cleaning

High pressure boiler pipe generally adopt chemical and electrolytic methods to do pickling treatment.

4. Spray rust removal

Spray rust removal cannot only remove rust, oxide and dirt completely, but also high pressure boiler pipe can achieve the required uniform roughness under the action of abrasive impact and friction force.

Spay rust removal cannot only expand the physical adsorption on the surface of high pressure boiler pipe, but also enhance the mechanical adhesion between the anti corrosion layer and the pipe surface. So spray rust removal is ideal method of rust removing for pipeline corrosion.

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