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Pre-welding Quality of Straight Seam Steel Pipe
Date:2017-03-15      View(s):981      Tag:straight seam steel pipe, steel pipe
Pre-welding quality of straight seam steel pipe includes seam quality and weld quality.

(1) Joint (that is, forming seam) no wrong side or wrong side is less than the specified value, the general provisions of the wrong amount ≤ 8% thickness, the maximum does not exceed 1.5mm.
(2) To ensure that the weld has a suitable penetration depth and welding volume, it is necessary to ensure that after welding does not crack, does not produce burning phenomenon, but also to control the weld height, the weld weld height does not have an impact.
(3) The weld is continuous, good shape, in order to help ensure the final external welding quality.
(4) Weld does not exist welding bias, pores, cracks, slag, burning and back welding and other defects, requiring weld center deviation ≤ 1 mm.
(5) No arc burns, splash small, does not affect the tube end groove and surface quality.
(6) Weld and base metal match, weld metal physical and chemical properties to meet the quality requirements.
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