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Steel Pipes For Sewage Applications
Date:2020-12-24      View(s):448      Tag:Steel Pipes For Sewage Applications

Sewage pipes are pipes used to transport wastewater or sewage from homes and industries.There are various types of sewage pipe. especially with the development of new technology and new materials in recent years, many kinds of new tubing are developed, which have different features and advantages and are applied to drainage industry with good performance.

The major Metal tubing applied to drainage pipeline engineering mainly refer to steel tubesspheroidal graphite iron tubesgray cast iron tubes etc.

Steel tube is applicable to the complex landforms with it’s high mechanical strength, good resistance to pressure and convenient for manufacture and use.

However, the anti-corrosion and protection of the tubes is a problem. Like other metal pipes, steel is prone to corrosion, so it is lined with an asphalt coating when used in water mains to protect against acidic water. This also retains its good flow characteristics. The drawback to the various coatings and linings is that they can be damaged during installation.

The coating service life was directly affected by the surface quality disposed of steel pipe and polyethylene merging.so the cost of  steel tube is much high.

Steel’s primary benefit is brute strength. Cracking typically doesn’t occur, and under abnormal loads, the material bends rather than breaking.

Large-diameter steel piping is most often used in pressure pipes for sewage and wastewater applications. It can be made using three methods: seamless, welded and casting mold.


PRIME STEEL PIPE will provide you with sewer pipe that has been lined and coated for sewer service. Typical applications of Coal tar epoxy are 20 to 40 mils dry film thickness on the inside diameter and 8 to 12 mils on the outside. Polyurethane applied according to the AWWA C222 lining and coating system is also available.

Steel Sewer pipeline is available in ASTM A139, ASTM A53, and also in limited service grade. We normally have 8" x 322" x 400" Epoxy lined and coated sewer pipe,carbon steel sewage pipe and stainless steel sewage pipe in stock at our facility.Especially galvanized steel pipe according to ASTM A53 Grade B.

More information,email to sales@primesteeltube.com for inquiry!

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