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Shinestar Participated in Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention
Date:2017-05-10      View(s):2549      Tag:Shinestar group, prime steel pipe
2017 Entrepreneurs of the National Day and Chinese entrepreneurs convention were successfully held in Zhuzhou City, Hunan province in May 6 to 7. The leadership of Chinese relevant authorities, authoritative experts and scholars, business elite of the national top 500 enterprises, etc. gathered, to discuss the revitalization of physical economy. As an outstanding representative of China's steel industry, Shinestar Group was invited to participate in this event. The theme of the Chinese entrepreneurs convention is "promote the entrepreneurial spirit, revitalize the physical economy at full blast". The aim of that is furtherly promoting the entrepreneur's spirit "dare to the world first, love will win", promoting reform and innovation of enterprise, revitalizing physical economy.

Iron and steel industry is an important part of China's real economy, Shinestar Group as an excellent business representative of the steel industry's, has our own views for the revitalization of the real economy. As we all know, China is a steel superpower, has a greater demand for steel in a long period of time of the economic development, production has been ranked first in the world for many years, but there are still quite great differences that the technical level of the steel industry compared to the international advanced level. In recent years, China formulated iron and steel industry-related development policy, to promote structural adjustment, to improve the industrial layout, to improve the overall level of steel industry and enterprise comprehensive competitiveness, to achieve industrial upgrading.

Shinestar believes that iron and steel enterprises should thoroughly understand and implement the requirements of national decision-making arrangements, stay firmly rooted in the present while looking ahead to the future, speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, and provide strong guarantee to build a strong power.

At present, the development of China's steel is still in an important strategic opportunity period. For Shinestar, only improving competitiveness, can we continue to promote the growth of enterprises and achieve the "century benchmarking enterprise of the overall service area of steel" goal. For the whole industry, we should actively promote supply-side structural reform, and thoroughly implement the "Made in China 2025", consolidate and enhance the traditional advantages, and accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy, to provide a steady stream of internal power for the sustained development of the real economy. Prime Steel Pipe as a part of Shinestar, also will improve our competitiveness and promote the growth of enterprises.
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