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New style Shinestar football team to celebrate the grand opening
Date:2017-02-15      View(s):2619      Tag:prime steel,prime steel pipe
The evening of February 15th, in 2017 started at the beginning of the Shinestar group sponsored Shinestar steel football team for a friendly football match together to open up a fresh outlook, farewell encouraging 2016, celebrate the anticipated 2017.
As the referee's whistle, full engagement both team, launched a fierce competition!Pitch Shinestar of football athletes are a spirit, supple, gave a great game."Come on! Strike!" Shinestar of employees friends off the field for the players' pep talk, cheerleading cries, deafening, every cry bring infinite power players.
As the Shinestar football team in 2017 to open the first battle, although the evening weather is chilly, but still enthusiastic players and cheerleaders, both on and off the pitch, the atmosphere is very warm. Shinestar football team full of youthful spirit, personnel neat, but also from Cameroon and Mali international players to join them. It is understood that they are students of Central South University, the performance is very eye-catching in the game, the team also added an international color because of their accession.
Eventually after a positive struggle, Shinestar steel soccer team won the match victory, won the 2017 campaign. Football match, spelling is hard, than is to unite, through the friendly game, our heart want to toward one place, interest makes toward one place, twist into a rope, air refreshing, enhance the collective cohesion, present a Shinestar talent is offering new glimpses of the New Year.
In the upcoming March, Shinestar steel football team will also participate in the Changsha region of the larger eight 3040 core dynamic league. I believe Shinestar steel football team will continue in this event show their good style.
It is reported that Shinestar Group has been adhering to the "people-oriented" Scientific Outlook on Development, attaches great importance to staff sports activities through effective team work, various cultural activities, in promoting the relationship between employees and the company, enhance cohesion, play a positive role in promoting exchanges between enterprises.

After the game, the players have said that the game eased the pressure of work, enhance the sense of teamwork, improve physical fitness. They will strengthen the tactics and team training, input to more high profile and a new look to work and life, and promote the Shinestar’s staff participate in the national sport, in good health and the new style of unity and enterprising, actively participate in the new journey of the comprehensive development of the group in 2017.

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