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Seamless Steel Pipe Machine Tool Cutting Error
Date:2018-01-16      View(s):1152      Tag:seamless steel pipe, seamless pipe cutting machine

The main factors affect the quality of seamless steel pipe machining are machine tools, knives, fixtures, workpiece blanks, process methods and processing environment. To improve the quality of seamless steel pipe cutting, we must take appropriate measures in these areas, such as reducing machine work error, the correct selection of cutting tools to improve the quality of blanks, reasonable arrangements for the process to improve environmental conditions.

Reduce the seamless machine tool cutting error usually used methods are:

1. Use with sufficient precision and stiffness of the machine.

2.  If necessary, you can take the compensation correction method, such as in the thread grinder or hobbing machine, according to the previously measured machine tool chain error error correction device to correct the machine drive system error.

3.  Use of machine tool fixture to ensure the accuracy of processing, such as the use of boring die processing box on the hole system, so that the accuracy of the hole from the boring die without the impact of machine positioning error.

4.  To prevent the thermal deformation of the machine on the processing accuracy of the impact.

5. Eliminate the vibration source inside the machine and take vibration isolation measures to reduce the vibration on the seamless steel tube machining accuracy and roughness.

6. Improve the degree of automation of the machine, such as the use of active measurement or automatic control system to reduce the seamless machining process of human error.

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