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Seamless Steel Pipe
Date:2016-06-11      View(s):8181      Tag:seamless pipe, seamless steel pipe, seamless carbon steel pipe, stainless seamless steel pipe

The seamless steel pipe is known as stronger alternatives to welded pipe versions for its ability to fuse pipes without any seams. This is ideal for eliminating the problem of pipes that are weaker at the seams.

Advantages of Seamless Steel Pipes

There are many advantages of seamless pipes as compared to those of other pipe varieties. As has been mentioned before, they are much stronger and hence are more reliable especially in harsh working conditions. They are great for performing heavy duty activities in important industry sectors. This steel pipe variety is far more refined than other metal or even steel pipes. Also, they are highly resistant to corrosion and can resist high heat and pressure.

The Making of Seamless Steel Pipe

The first step involved in the making of this pipe is heating solid ingot. A piercing rod is then inserted in this so that you can get a hollow tube, to be used as pipe. Due to this method of production, they are also known as ‘Hot Finish Seamless Pipe’. There are many important techniques involved in completing the finishing process of these kinds of steel pipes.

Sizes and Shapes of Seamless Steel Pipes

The seamless steel pipe has many different sizes and dimensions .  You can get them in thin to large diameter pipe as per your area of application. You can also get them in solid and hollow variants. While the solid forms are known as rods or bars and are used extensively in construction facilities, the hollow ones known as tubes or pipes are used mostly in the transporting oil and gas etc. Seamless steel pipes & tubes can be purchased in rectangular, square, triangular and round shape as well.

Uses of Seamless Steel Pipe

This pipe finds wide application in various important industry sectors. Though they are expensive compared to their welded counterparts, yet they are preferred for their extremely high performance quotient. Some of the areas where these are used are the aviation sector, aircraft, missiles, anti-friction bearing, ordinance etc. The wall thickness of most of seamless steel pipe range from 1/8 to 26inch outside diameter.

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