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President Speech December 10, 2016
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President Speech December 10, 2016
Innovation is an action to keeping up with the forefront of the market. Many companies in order to do innovation regardless of cost, which leads to out of the market and eventually hit the wall. In fact, the premise of innovation is based on the company reality, to research the market and learn the market to get the demand of customer. Otherwise, it leads to end. In a word, innovation is based on the market to creat resources.

The General Manager Talking December 10, 2016
Management is a process for the service of business to achieve the objectives. The purpose of the management is to make business more efficient!

The Afternoon Tea in December 26, 2016
The purpose of performance appraisal is for the growth of employees, many companies do not have a reasonable performance appraisal indicators, there is no quantitative assessment data, no performance interviews, no performance analysis, no top-down implementation. Assessment will be fail, assessment will be nothing.

Business forefront in December 26, 2016 
The sales is the most important quality is persistence,because no insist will not succeed.This insistence is mainly reflected in:1,Stick to the same industry.Sales staff in order to fully understand the needs of an industry at least three years, often for the industry will let you have an understanding of each industry but do not know enough.Do not thoroughly understand in this industry can not cope, will not have a good performance.And sales performance with what you have connections, relationships, resources are closely related.Most of the time you change the industry, before the contacts, relationships, resources will not be used, you have to re accumulate, which is not conducive to the growth of sales staff.2,Stick to the same company.Many sales staff is not qualitative, often change the company.Three months without a performance in the company, thought that a change will have a good performance.It's a mistake to think that you have a good  communicate with your customers, no matter where you go, customers will follow you.First of all, three months without performance maybe the  fourth months out of the performance, the former three months is accumulated, and the sales staff did not stick to it.Second, the customers agrees with your company, not your own.3,Stick to customer tracking and maintenance.Do sales is to have the spirit of persistence,You can communicate with your customers more frequently than your competitors, you can use more communication means to let customers have a good impression on you and remember you, rather than your competitors, is the result of persistence.Customer after clinching a deal, work is not over.Need to do related services to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.At the same time pay attention to the customer life cycle and study the different needs of customers in different stages.At the same time, we also need communicate business with customers outside of the emotional communication, emotional communication can help us reduce friction, promotion of friendship to improve customer retention and customer referral rate.4,Stick to learning, thinking and improving.First of all, to think and sum up.Do the analysis of each of their SWO. Through the internal quality, external risks, timely summary of individual machine, and enhance the ability of team.Selling is a challenging profession, and insist it is the only way to succeed.

HR forum December 10, 2016.
A stable team is an important assurance for enterprises achieve forward, there is no solid team foundation,  all the enterprise strategy is tantamount to castles in the air, tell some fantastic tales.

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