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Pakistan Imposes 24% Anti-dumping Duties on Chinese Steel Products
Date:2017-06-29      View(s):1314      Tag:anti-dumping duties, china steel product, prime steel pipe
According to the Pakistani National News reported, Pakistan National Tariff Commission ( National Tariff Commission) decided to levy 24.04% anti-dumping duties on the continuous casting billet products from China, which started from June 22, for five years to protect the domestic steel industry.

It is reported that NTC apply for conducting a survey of anti-dumping investigations on China's exports of continuous casting billet in August 2015, according to Amreli Steel, Agha Steel Industries Ltd, and ASG Metals Limited.

This is the third time on the Chinese steel products imposed anti-dumping duties for the past two years. In February 2017, NTC decided to impose up to 40% of the anti-dumping duties on China's imports of galvanized steel coils and plates; in 2015, NTC imposes 19.04% of its anti-dumping duties on China's imports of cold rolled coils.

NTC claims that China is the largest steel producer in the world, accounting for nearly half of the global supply. Some developed economies have imposed up to 266% of anti-dumping duties on cheap Chinese steel products.

Pakistan's current annual demand for steel 8 million tons, the annual output of only 6 million tons, 2 million tons dependent on imports. Including some small furnaces and rolling mills, including a total of about 600 domestic steel mills.

Prime Steel Pipe as a steel pipe manufacturer form China, will keep an eye on the matter.
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