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What should we pay attention to in packaging and transportation of stainless steel pipes
Date:2019-04-25      View(s):657      Tag:packaging and transportation of stainless steel pipes
Stainless steel pipes should be packaged differently according to their product type, finish, size and transportation mode. Because the finished products of stainless steel pipes are usually conduits, pressure pipes, mechanical pipes and decorative pipes, and the processing of stainless steel pipes can be forming processing, annealing and pickling, cold processing, grinding and polishing and decoration processing, which leads to a wide range of dimensions and processing luminosities of stainless steel pipes, so we should pay special attention to the corresponding packaging, marking and shipping methods when purchasing orders. If there are doubts about some shipping methods, we should do a good job of communication in time.

Stainless steel pipes are often packaged and transported in bags, boxes or protective containers. Stainless steel conduits with an outside diameter of more than 6 inches can be shipped in bulk or in packaging or without packaging. The length, outer diameter, wall thickness, finish and shipping method determine the optimum packaging method. Most of the polished tubes are packaged in wooden boxes or other boxes of suitable materials.

It is necessary to bundle stainless steel pipes, because if the quantity of stainless steel pipes is too large during transportation, it may lead to the risk of bending, deformed or twisted of stainless steel pipes in the process of transportation. In addition, some other auxiliary measures should be taken when bundling. Bundling usually uses flat steel wire to fix, but other suitable materials can also be used. 

Some stainless steel pipes may have special finish requirements, special order quantity, special mode of transportation or other factors. At this time, special containers need to be prepared for re-shipment, such as cartons, cartons, wooden boxes or similar containers.

During the transportation of stainless steel pipes, necessary protection and covering should be taken. But if the outer or inner surface is the key characteristic, protective cloth will be added to railway transport equipment and waterproof cloth will be added to trucks. 
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