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Package of Steel Pipe
Date:2017-11-06      View(s):1221      Tag:steel pipe, package of steel pipe, steel pipe package

Package of steel tube mainly divided into two categories: one is bale, the other is with totes similar container load.

Bundled package

To avoid pipe damage by baling during transportation, paint the same baling signs. The same bundle of steel pipe should be the same furnace number (Lot), with the steel grade, the same specifications of the steel pipe, should not be mixed furnace (batch) bundling, it should be less than a bundle.

The weight of each bundle should not exceed 50kg. If the user demand to increase the bale weight, it can be over 50kg but exceed 80kg.

Pipe bundle respect to the blunt end, should be aligned at one end, the tube ends are aligned side by less than 20mm, each bundle of steel pipe length difference less than 10mm, but according to the length of the pipe is usually the order of each bundle pipe length difference is less than 5mm, the longest pipe bundle and Minister of not more than 10mm.

Containers package

Cold-rolled or cold-drawn seamless steel tubes, the surface finish of hot-rolled stainless steel tube, the container may be used (such as plastic containers and wooden box) packaging.

Weight of the container shall be packed in accordance with Table 1. Negotiated by both sides, the maximum weight of each container can be increased. When the pipe into the container, the inner wall of the container should be fitted cardboard, plastic sheeting or other moisture-proof material. Containers should not be closely seepage.

For steel containers and packaging, a label should be included in the container. The outer end surface of the container should also be linked to label.

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