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Natural Gas Pipe Size Guide
Date:2021-03-30      View(s):482      Tag:Natural Gas Pipe Size Guide
Most people think that any natural gas pipe can be used for gas. This certainly isn’t the case. The size of the pipe dictates the amount of gas that can pass along the pipe. It’s also worth noting that the longer the pipe, the lower the flow (be aware that the flow of gas is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour. If you’re going to be working with natural gas it’s important to be familiar with the sizes of natural gas pipes and the amount of gas that can pass along them for different lengths.
Nominal Size
The nominal size of the natural gas pipe is actually the exterior size. This is generally used as a reference for the pipe, although the interior size of the pipe is less. For instance, pipe with a nominal size of one inch will have an interior size of just under ? inch (actually .49 inches).
Pipe Length
The length of the pipe will have a deep influence on the amount of gas that can flow through it. Where a pipe has a nominal size of one inch, the flow will be 547 BTUs for a 10 foot length of pipe, but only 100 for a 300 foot length of pipe. When making your calculations these need to be taken into account. The longer the run of your pipe, the lower the flow of your natural gas.
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