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Supply 3 layers non woven disposable masks and KN95 masks
Date:2020-04-03      View(s):791      Tag:3 layers non woven disposable masks, KN95 masks

We well know the problem of CORONAVIRUS is caused big problem around the world . Many countries have stopped work and quarantined at home, and various medical resources are in short supply. 

Now our company in order to help our clients fight the epidemic, we found realiable supplier who have a big quantity disposible medical mask and KN95 mask offering.

We can provide different masks according to international standard, price is depends on the quantity and quality you need.

If you need mask, please feel free to consult us. 
Email: sales@primesteeltube.com

BTW, our main production and sales business is still steel pipe and related products. If you have the demand for related products, please feel free to contact us, and we will continue to support you like always.

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