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Say no to all discrimination against the behavior of the China iron and steel
Date:2017-01-16      View(s):1357      Tag:galvanized steel pipe,Carbon steel pipe manufacturer,prime steel
Say no to all discrimination against the behavior of the China iron and steel
Recently, the New Zealand business, innovation and employment of origin from China to launch anti-subsidy investigations of galvanized sheet. China's ministry of commerce trade remedy bureau chief Hejun Wang expressed, New Zealand is determined to launched an investigation into such a small amount of Chinese products, ignoring other imports surge, iron and steel industry are faced with the problem, not only will not help solve themselves more discrimination against Chinese iron and steel products, is not conducive to further upgrading of bilateral economic and trade relations.
Global economic recovery is weak, demand is the root cause of the iron and steel industry is currently faced with the dilemma, countries should face together, by way of win-win cooperation, overcome difficulties. China's steel production capacity is given priority to with domestic demand, while production accounts for nearly half of the world, but also consume nearly half, should be rational view of China's iron and steel overcapacity. China as a responsible big country, not only do not encourage steel products export in great quantities, and efforts to solve excess capacity and obvious effect is obvious to all. Global problems should be determined by the countries to work together to deal with, not just the Chinese.
Rashly take trade protection measures is not the correct direction of the steel industry development in New Zealand, but will only further impact on international trade order. New Zealand shall uphold prudence and restraint use trade remedy tool, opposite the Chinese, to promote the industry through dialogue and cooperation to resolve trade frictions properly. To launch trade remedy investigations, in fact, the New Zealand China galvanized sheet, only by China's export steel products "encirclement and suppression" of the tip of the iceberg. Data show that 1 ~ 11 months of this year, China's steel exports encountered from 16 countries and regions launched 41 trade remedy investigation, the amount of $6.8 billion. Shinestar group have a certain amount of products sold to overseas every year, so has always strive to produce more high quality carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, galvanized pipe, spiral welded submerged arc welding pipe products, such as discrimination against Chinese iron and steel products say "no".

China to the world provides a large number of inexpensive steel products, for the construction of infrastructure in many countries around the world have made a contribution, China's steel disrupt the international market view, there is no basis. Now a global launch trade remedy investigations on China's iron and steel products, the purpose of some countries is steel as the breakthrough point, to contain other trade between China and to obtain benefits. , Shinestar of iron and steel institute suggested that the relevant domestic departments should organize enterprises to actively respond to on one hand, to the WTO at the same time; On the other hand, China also accelerate the pace of product upgrades and market diversification. In the future Shinestar group will continue to efforts, to produce more high quality carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, spiral welded submerged arc welding, and other products, to the world China's positive sound.

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