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How to improve the quality of seamless steel tubes
Date:2020-01-14      View(s):636      Tag:seamless steel tubes

First of all, let's take a look at some of the mechanical properties of steel products made of HPB300. The yield strength standard stipulates that it is not less than 300MPa. The tensile strength standard specifies not less than 420MPa. These two main steel product parameters are higher than q235 steel products. From the perspective of chemical composition quality, the chemical composition quality of the two is basically the same. HPB300-C content is 0.25. The Si content is 0.55. The Mn content is 1.5.

From the material name point of view, q235 steel only indicates the yield strength value indicated by "q". The HPB300 appears to be standardized.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of high-quality seamless steel tubes. The long, high-quality seamless pipe refers to a large-caliber seamless steel pipe. The seamless steel pipes we provide are structural stainless steel seamless steel pipes that comply with (GB / T14975-1994) standards and are widely used in chemical, petroleum, light textile, medical, food, machinery and other industries.

When inspecting seamless steel pipes, what are the precautions and standards? First, the outer and inner walls of the pipe must be free of cracks, folds, folds, delaminations, hairline and scarring defects. After discovery, it needs to be completely removed. After removal, the wall thickness and outer diameter must not exceed the negative deviation.

For both ends of the seamless steel pipe should be cut at right angles, and then burrs are removed. Among them, for steel pipes with wall thickness greater than 20mm, gas cutting and hot sawing are allowed. The agreement between the supply and demand parties may not be a jerk.

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