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How to deal with rust spots on stainless steel pipes?
Date:2020-01-13      View(s):700      Tag:stainless steel pipes

1. When other metals are attached to the surface of the stainless steel pipe, the chance of rust will be greater.

The rust caused by the adhesion of other metals on the stainless steel pipe-generally not serious, we can use a sponge or cloth to remove the rust on the stainless steel pipe with a neutral detergent, toothpaste or soapy water.

2. When there are many harmful substances in the exhaust gas, stainless steel pipes are also prone to cause rust.

For example, in factories or urban streets where there is a lot of traffic, there will be more harmful substances in the air, and the appearance of stainless steel pipes will be easily polluted. Stainless steel pipes that have been in this condition for a long time may have small rust spots. If the stainless steel pipe is lightly polluted, you can use the previous method. If it is more serious, you can use stainless steel rust remover to scrub it. It is particularly recommended to consult whether it needs to be replaced.

3. For example, when there is too much salt in the air at the seaside, it is easy to cause rust of the stainless steel pipe. It is recommended that the stainless steel pipe used at the seaside should also be resistant to chlorine corrosion. Different types of stainless steel pipes are used for different applications.

4. If the rust is not serious due to environmental factors, it is recommended to directly consult the installer or agent, manufacturer, etc. to find out the cause and solve it in time.

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