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How to Clean Steel Pipe
Date:2018-03-12      View(s):376      Tag:steel pipe, steel tube, prime steel pipe

Steel pipes are used in many different ways both for commercial and personal use. There are many different methods for cleaning steel pipes. Choose the method that works best for you and your needs. If that method doesn't work as desired, move onto a different method.

Chemical cleaning: chemical cleaning of pipe refers to temporarily transformation of the pipeline using chemical agents, adopt chemical cyclic cleaning using temporary pipeline and circulating pump station from both ends of the pipeline. The technology has features such as strong flexibility, high speed, thorough cleaning and having no request of the shape of pipes, etc. Chemical cleaning is complete, but the residues must be cleaned up. Otherwise it will have effect on later running.

PIG operation: PIG industry technology produces the driving force relying on pump driving fluid to drive PIG in the tube to push forward, discharge the accumulated dirt in the pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The technology is widely used in cleaning of all kinds of process pipeline, oil steam pipeline of oil field, etc, especially for the cleaning of long distance transmission fluid pipe, having the advantages that other technology cannot replace.

High pressure water cleaning: using high pressure water jet that is over 50 MPa to carry out stripping cleaning with high pressure water jet on the dirt of inner face. The technology is mainly used for short distance pipeline and pipe diameter must be greater than 50 cm or more. It has features like high speed and low cost etc.

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