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Hot Rolling Seamless Steel Pipe Vs. Cold Rolling Seamless Steel Pipe
Date:2017-09-01      View(s):1431      Tag:hot rolling seamless steel pipe, cold rolling seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe
Seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot rolling seamless steel pipe and cold rolling seamless steel pipe. Next, Prime Steel Pipe will show you the difference between them.

Cold rolling seamless steel pipe

Cold rolled seamless steel pipe is a seamless steel pipe for high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish. Cold rolled seamless pipe in addition to include the general steel, low and medium pressure boiler tube, high-pressure boiler tubes, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and oil cracking tube, also includes carbon thin wall steel pipe, alloy thin wall steel tube, thin-walled stainless steel pipe and special-shaped steel tube. The diameter of cold rolled seamless steel pipe is 6mm, wall thickness is 0.25mm, while the diameter of thin-walled tube can be 5mm, wall thickness can less than 0.25mm. The dimensional accuracy of cold rolling is higher than that of hot rolling.

Hot rolling seamless steel pipe

Hot rolling is relative to the cold rolling. Cold rolling carries on rolling below the temperature of recrystallization, and hot rolling is above the recrystallization temperature. Hot rolled seamless steel pipe is generally divided into low, medium, high pressure boiler steel pipe, alloy steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, oil cracking pipe, geological steel pipe and other steel pipe. The outside diameter of hot rolled seamless tube is generally greater than 32mm and the wall thickness of that is 2.5-75mm.
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