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Wrong Side of High Frequency Straight Seam Welded Pipe
Date:2017-03-15      View(s):832      Tag:welding pipe, steel pipe , welding pipe manufacturer
Wrong Side of High Frequency Straight Seam Welded Pipe:

Wrong side of high frequency straight seam welded pipe is the most common pre-welding problems, ultra-poor of the wrong side will directly lead to the degradation of steel or scrap. Therefore, pre-welding requires strict control of the amount of wrong side. When the whole root or half of the steel pipe billet error occurs when the general is due to:
1, Open seam adjustment is not in place (seam side);
2, The joint pressure roller adjustment is not in place (pressure roller circumferential angle is not right, or to the tube centerline as the axis, the left and right pressure roller asymmetry, or the relative pressure roller radial extension is inconsistent), no pressure round;
3, The pre-bend is not pre-bending in place, there is a straight edge edge of the phenomenon.
When the head or tail of the tube is wrong, it is generally due to:
1, The import and export roller position is not right;
2, Ring frame center is not right;
3, Joint pressure roller pressure round is not good, the individual pressure roller position deviation;
4, Forming is not good (after forming the tube on both sides of the difference between the level of large;
5, The opening seam width of 150mm or more;
6, The hydraulic system caused by pressure fluctuations.
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