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Trump Added Pressure for China's Iron and Steel Trade
Date:2017-02-16      View(s):1341      Tag:prime steel,prime steel pipe

Chinese people just finished celebrating the Spring Festival, the President of the United States Trump insisted on "difficult" to China, the U.S. department of commerce ruling China enterprise anti-dumping tax rate of 63.86% 76.64% and 63.86% - 190.71% anti-subsidy tax rate. From the point of view, China's steel exports, the proportion of exports to the United States plummeted, a very important part of reason is that from the trade friction factors.

As a production services supplier which supply carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, line pipe, galvanized steel pipe, scaffolding, and other products , Shinestar group is very concerned about China-U.S trade, we believe that China's steel exports to the us fell so much, the most important factor is the United States on China's export restrictions may play a role. The U.S. steel industry used to dominating the world, reached its zenith, but now they need a lot of imports. Trump advise to bring manufacturing back to the United States, to  revitalization of manufacturing industry, also revitalization of the steel. According to the data showed last year, China's steel exports to the United States in 1.13 million tons, a year earlier to 2.42 million tons. Trump on Chinese steel "hate" is self-evident, and because of that, industry experts predict the short-term steel trade friction is not going to stop.

In the United States "double reverse" survey of iron and steel enterprises in China, the United States ignored the evidence of  material submitted by  enterprises in China, in the case of no or doubt, in the final stage suddenly forced to improve the rate of countervailing duties. China express  disapointment to the U.S for China iron and steel products cut out high taxes , questioned the unfair investigation method, will take the necessary measures to safeguard enterprise rights fairly.

Considering the signs of economic recovery in the world is unclear, as the Trump to power and inverse globalization trend, in 2017 the foreign trade situation is still not optimistic, steel trade friction is likely to be more, the number of steel products is still the trade friction of the hardest-hit areas this year. For Chinese companies, this is such a high "double reverse" tariffs means that Chinese enterprises will face higher prices and lower market recognition, severely weakened the competitiveness of the Chinese iron and steel products in the United States market, squeeze the Chinese iron and steel products exports to the us space.

 Although exports is falling , no need too scared. Now should timely adjust the relevant policies and strategies, put more focus on the domestic market. Of course, for own problems, we cannot turn a blind eye. China's steel exports are mainly low value-added, low technology content products, lack of competitiveness, the price is low. Of course will be considered by other countries as dumping, result intrade friction. Therefore, China should improve the value of steel products, increase the added value, enhance competitiveness, not just to preempt the market by low price products.

Shinestar group will analysis of international trade situation scientificly, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, strive to produce more high quality carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, line pipe, galvanized pipe, scaffolding, and other products, for the Chinese brand in the international arena made positive noises.

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