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Foster Competitive Advantages, Build a New Momentum of Foreign Trade
Date:2017-02-13      View(s):1357      Tag:prime steel,prime steel pipe
At present, China's foreign trade has entered a new stage, foreign trade’ s traditional
kinetic energy growth momentum has quickened significantly. As a Welding steel pipe, line pipe, straight seam submerged arc welding pipe, galvanized pipe, submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, scaffolding and other products of steel production services provider, Shinestar group has been paying close attention to the development of foreign trade. Today, Shinestar Steel Research Institute will talk about how to foster new competitive advantages, and build a new kinetic energy sustainable development of foreign trade from the following several aspects.
Expand the trade development space
Firstly, we should actively build global free trade network, improve the utilization efficiency of existing free trade zone. Second, we should attach importance to use of foreign direct investment and international cooperation capacity of the enterprise' s export. In the past two years, China's foreign direct investment and manufacturing capacity cooperation has achieved significant results, and in accordance with the "area" all the way along the country to speed up infrastructure interconnectivity and international cooperation capacity, effectively expand the emerging markets.
Develop foreign trade new advantages vigorously 
Implement the strategy of trading powers should first improve the enterprise innovation ability, especially should pay attention to improve the innovation vigor of small and medium-sized enterprises. We must change the traditional extensive mode of production and realize the "made in China to created in China, Chinese speed toward the Chinese quality, Chinese products to the Chinese brand". More policy and the release of enterprise innovation vitality, speed up the master the core and key technologies, and promote the traditional manufacture into intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing and service transition, formed the quality and efficiency of manufacturing competitive advantage.
To speed up the fusion model innovation
The Internet economy has brought the global trade, business model and service model of rapid innovation, also closely integrated with the Internet trade is speeding up the traditional trade, expand trade development space for us to provide the favorable opportunity. One is to encourage development of cross-border electricity standard, we will accelerate the establishment of a management system, supervision system and statistical system. In recent years, China's cross-border electrical business developed very rapidly and has the advantage, but at the same time of rapid growth also exist many problems, should attach great importance to and guide the healthy development of it. The second is to speed up the development of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, promote the comprehensive, platform, network operations, improve the level of supply chain management and integrated services, help the export enterprises to exploit the international market, reduce the comprehensive cost.
Deepen reform of the system and service innovation
We should be in market access, intellectual property protection, environmental protection, labor law, etc to speed up the reform, create the market environment of fair competition. Actively promote the "integration of customs clearance" and "one-stop office" such as "single window" efficient management mode, improve the efficiency of government services, policy transparency and the level of trade facilitation. Strengthening the information service, legal advice, intellectual property rights and other public service system construction.

In brief, the foreign trade situation of severe complex need to keep our stable mentality, strategic concentration, efforts to promote healthy development of foreign trade and stable. Shinestar group will seize the favorable opportunity for those routes, to speed up the transformation of the mode of foreign trade development for the global customers with a variety of high-quality welding steel pipe, line pipe, straight seam submerged arc welding pipe, galvanized steel pipe, submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, scaffolding and other products, reach a great world influence of Chinese brand.

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