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Difference between Black Steel Pipe and Galvanized Steel Pipe
Date:2017-07-17      View(s):1230      Tag:black steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, black pipe, galvanized pipe
Galvanized steel pipe is covered with zinc material, so galvanized pipe have a stronger ability of steel pipe resistant to corrosion. Covered with zinc also can prevent the buildup of mineral and deposit of the water line. So the primary use of galvanized pipe is to carry water to homes and commercial buildings. What's more, since its resistance to corrosion, galvanized steel pipe is commonly used as scaffolding frames.

The dark color of black steel pipe comes from the iron-oxide formed on its surface during manufacturing. So it is different from galvanized pipe because black steel pipe is uncoated. The black pipe is manufactured without a seam, which causing it is better pipe to carry gas. So the primary purpose of black steel pipe is to carry propane or natural gas into residential homes and commercial buildings. In addition, the black pipe is more fire-resistant than galvanized pipe, so it is also used for fire sprinkler systems.

On the one hand, there are some disadvantages of galvanized steel pipe. The zinc on galvanized pipe will flake off over time and clog the pipe. Zinc flaking can cause the pipe to burst, which will create a hazard if we use galvanized pipe to carry gas. on the other hand, black steel pipe also has shortcomings, it is more easily to be corroded than galvanized pipe and it allows minerals from water to build up inside it.

The production process of galvanized steel pipe includes the zinc coating, so the cost of galvanized steel pipe costs is more than black steel pipe. And the fitting of galvanized pipe also cost more than the fittings used on black pipe.

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