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Cooling Ways of Carbon Steel Pipe
Date:2017-08-29      View(s):1435      Tag:carbon steel pipe, cooling way of carbon steel pipe
For certain special purpose steel pipe, in order to ensure the requirements of the organization of the state and physical and mechanical properties for certain special purposes, there must be a certain way of cooling and the cooling system. For example, Carbon steel pipe cooling time is the main basis to determine the length of the cooling bed. Steel pipe cooling by radiation and convection heat, proved steel temperature above 500 degrees celsius, mainly by heat radiation. 500 degrees celsius below the convection heat conduction based. It can be considered in order to reduce the the steel cooling time to reduce the cooling bed length, and to improve the operating conditions of the workshop, the forced air cooling bed. A strong urgent need in a 500 degrees celsius.Ventilation cooling time can be reduced by 40-50%.

Cooling ways of carbon steel pipe:

The pipe cooling mode vary depending on the chemical composition of the steel pipe, size, and the desired mechanical properties, mill production, cooling going with device conditions.

1) natural air cooling. No specific requirements for ordinary steel, is normally in the atmosphere for natural cooling.

2) forced cooling. When the smaller cooling bed or mill expansion cooling bed cooling capacity, forced air-cooled, steel pipe requires a certain internal organization and mechanical properties, can be used to control the forced water cooling process.

3) slow cooling or quenching. For certain alloy steel pipe (such as bearing steel, stainless steel pipe, etc.), and sometimes slow cooling or quenching steel cooling system in order to improve steel internal organizational structure and its corresponding performance.
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