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Classfication and process technology of stainless steel pipe fittings
Date:2021-02-19      View(s):377      Tag:Classfication and process technology of stainless steel pipe fittings

Tee, elbow, reducer are common pipe fittings

Stainless steel pipe fittings include stainless steel elbows, stainless steel reducers, stainless steel caps, stainless steel tees, stainless steel crosses, etc.

By means of connection, the pipe fittings can also be divided into butt welding fittingsthreaded fittingssocket-welding fittings, etc.

kaysuns bw fittings

For stainless steel elbows, different processing techniques can be used. The main production processes are conventional, CSP continuous casting and rolling and semi-continuous hot rolling, etc. Different processing technologies have different advantages.

CSP continuous casting and rolling: The processing technology of low carbon manganese steel containing niobium, vanadium and titanium composite microalloying is adopted in the CSP production line by suitable controlled rolling, controlled cooling and coiling.

The use of this production process can ensure that the mechanical properties and microstructure of stainless steel pipe fittings meet the technical requirements of modern X60 stainless steel stamping elbows.

Semi-continuous hot rolling: Includes 1 rack furnace and 5 frame finishing mill. At the time of processing, hot rolling is first performed on the finishing pass, and the process is substantially constant from one end to the other.

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