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GNZ: Chinese Steel Mills Doesn't Constitute Damage to The New Zealand Market
Date:2017-07-13      View(s):1251      Tag:New Zealand, Chinese steel mill
New Zealand media reported on the 11th, through the survey, the New Zealand government found that imports from China's steel subsidies were very low, which didn't constitute damage to the New Zealand market. This makes the New Zealand steel industry who has been speculation of "China's steel subsidies by the government" is very uncomfortable.

According to New Zealand Radio, the New Zealand Ministry of Commerce, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) survey found that subsidies for galvanized steel sheets imported from China were less than 0.08%. However, MBIE also pointed out that only seven of China's seven steel export enterprises to provide data. The report concludes that there is evidence that China's imports of steel products have signs of price cuts, the domestic steel industry has experienced a price depression and price repression. But the low price of imported steel products do not see the role of the Chinese government subsidies.

In December 2016, at the request of the New Zealand Iron and Steel Enterprise, MBIE initiated a dumping and subsidy survey of imported steel plates from China. Reported that since 2011, New Zealand's steel market share has increased, but the profitability of the decline in prices by 55%. For the results of the New Zealand government survey, the local trade unions expressed disappointment.

Prior to the United States and Australia, China's steel products were anti-dumping investigations. US survey concluded that five Chinese enterprises subsidy rate of 241%; while the Australian survey that China's subsidy is much lower.

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