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Brief Introduction of Scaffolding Pipe
Date:2017-05-25      View(s):1670      Tag:scaffolding pipe, lsaw steel pipe, erw steel pipe
Scaffolding pipe is usually made up of LSAW steel pipe or ERW steel pipe, its process types include: hot rolled/hot expended, electric resistance/high frequency. It has a variety of specifications, according to the diameter it can be divided into: Φ3.0, Φ2.75, Φ3.25, Φ2.5. Its length also has a variety of specifications: half a meter in a specification from 1 to 6 meters; it can be processed in accordance with customer specifications. The thickness is generally 2.4--2.7 mm and the diameter is 48 mm. The surface is generally not handled, individually coated with anti-rust paint. The material scaffolding pipe is: Q195, Q215 or Q235. The implementation of standard of scaffolding pipe is: SY/T5768-95 and GB/T3091-2001.

Different types of construction use different scaffolding and formwork support. At present, the bridge support frame mostly uses bowl buckle scaffolding, but also uses door scaffolding. The main structure of the construction of scaffolding mostly uses scaffolding scaffolding, scaffolding pole vertical distance is generally 1.2 ~ 1.8m; span is generally 0.9 ~ 1.5m.

Adaptability of scaffolding pipe:

1) to build various forms of scaffolding, templates and other support frame;
2) assembly of bone frame;
3) to set up ramps, sheds, stands and other temporary structures;
4) for other kinds of scaffolding support, strengthen the bar.
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