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Application of Different OD SMLS Steel Pipe
Date:2018-04-27      View(s):1097      Tag:small OD SMLS steel pipe, large OD SMLS steel pipe

SMLS steel pipe is mainly used for petrochemical cracking tube, boiler tube, pipe and automotive bearings, petroleum geology drilling pipe, tractors, aviation and other precision structural tube.

Small OD SMLS steel pipe is widely used for both side submerged arc welded manufacturing technology. Small OD SMLS steel pipe’s manufacturing process can be bending, internal welding, commissural, external welding, straightening, flat top multi-channel, etc, to achieve API standards.

Large OD with thick wall can be used in all kinds of construction site and make the body supporting portion. For example bridge support, offshore piling, and other building pile.Also, it can also used for liquid transportation.

Tips: Carbon steel pipe weight formula is [(OD - WT) * WT] * 0.0246615 = kg / m (weight per meter)

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