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What is the cause of China's steel exports fell 20%?
Date:2017-02-09      View(s):1171      Tag:prime steel,prime steel pipe
Continuation of the end of 2016 China's steel exports decline momentum, China's steel exports in January 2017, continues to decline.Shinestar Steel Research Institute  believes that in recent years, the important factors influencing the Chinese steel exports mainly trade litigation.As a main force in the international steel market,  Shinestar Group production of galvanized pipe, piling pipe, SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, seamless stainless tube, welded pipe and other products are exported  to Europe, Australia, Africa, North America and other more than and 100 countries and regions, so Shinestar Group has been paying close attention to China's steel  exports.
According to statistics, 2016 1-12 months.China's steel exports suffered from 20 countries and regions of 48 trade remedy investigation,the anti-dumping case 32 cases,  anti-subsidy case 9 cases, safeguards case 7 cases;Compared with 2015, the national increase in the number 6;Caseload rose by 29.7%.
When the start of 2017, a new round of trade disputes are approaching Chinese steel exporters.In addition,  the U.S. Department of Commerce announced on Thursday   finally decided that Chinese imports of stainless steel plate and stainless steel belt get subsidies, and being dumped at below reasonable prices in the us market.Which  are a step closer to impose tariffs on these products.Obviously, there is a widespread of foreign steel products to China anti-dumping and countervailing investigation  and punitive tariff restricts the space of China's steel exports.
However, Shinestar Steel Research Institute believes that the January 2017 decline in steel exports also have a large part of the reason is because the domestic steel  consumption is better than expected, so the foreign trade price upside down caused by steel.At present, the domestic spot sales profit is high, during the Spring  Festival, billet prices locking in 2810 yuan/ton.Look from the current cost line, steel billet manufacturers remained certain profit space, most of the big difference of billet  and the finished product, the overall profit is considerable.In contrast, the international market price is competitive.
Then another major factor in the decline in export volume from the previous year optimistic about the market outlook, which led to an increase in social stocks.According  to the latest research data, the beginning of the new year chicken, the country's five major varieties of steel mills and social inventory reached a total value of 21 million  105 thousand tons, an increase of 23.9%, compared with the previous growth of 30.7%.Therefore, the holiday effect in the same steel exports decline in January plays  an important role.Before and after the Spring Festival, the exporter to price prospects feel uncertain, orders will drop, buyer also want to such as prices, so the wait- and-see mood is strong in the market.

As a service based on Chinese, global steel production enterprises, shinestar group will seize opportunities, meet challenges, and strive to produce more high-quality  galvanized pipe, piling pipe, SSAW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, seamless stainless tube, welded pipe and API line pipe manufacturer, discrimination against the behavior of the China steel products say "no".

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