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Wrong for idea of more shielding gas is better for steel pipe production
Date:2018-11-12      View(s):786      Tag:ERW Steel Pipe, ERW Line Pipe

As a welder, if you have conception of “more shielding gas is better”, then you need to stop and think deeply for this wrong idea! For ERW steel pipe and other welded steel tubes, we should make clear about the gas question together.


This would be the wrong place if you think that the more shielding gas will supply more protection to the weld. As this would finally lead a series trouble: wasted shielding gas, increased and unnecessary agitation of the welded puddle, and a convection effect. If seriously, it would finally cause porosity. How to deal with question? Skilled expert for manufacturing the steel pipe would be the essential part. Thus, each station should be outfitted with a flow meter and each welder should understand how to set and adhere to the recommended flow rates.


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