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Why use lubricants to make straight seam steel pipes
Date:2023-12-04      View(s):142      Tag:Why use lubricants to make straight seam steel pipes

In the production process of straight seam steel pipes, a product needs to be used for coordination, that is, glass lubricants. Before the use of glass lubricants, they were produced with graphite, because at that time there was no such product of the market. Therefore, graphite can only be used as a lubricant, but after long-term use, everyone will find some problems, that is, the heat transfer efficiency of graphite is very high, and the heat insulation effect is also very poor, so it works In this way, the temperature of the mold will become very fast, which will easily cause the wear of the straight seam steel pipe, so the product cannot be used for a long time. Therefore, manufacturers have been looking for a product that can replace graphite, that is, glass lubricants, but why use them? That is because the trolley furnace has many advantages. First, the heat transfer efficiency is relatively low, so that it can Play a heat preservation effect, and can also extend the use time of the equipment.

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