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What should be paid attention to in the processing of stainless steel welded pipe?
Date:2022-01-11      View(s):205      Tag:stainless steel welded pipe, processing of stainless steel pipe
What are the processing methods of stainless steel welded pipe? What should be paid attention to in processing?

Cold drawing deep processing: it is easy to generate friction heat, so the stainless steel pipe with high pressure resistance and heat resistance shall be formed at the same time. After processing, the oil attached to the surface shall be removed.

Welding: rust, oil, moisture, paint, etc. harmful to welding shall be completely removed before welding, and electrodes suitable for steel grade shall be selected. The spot welding time interval is shorter than that of carbon steel. Stainless steel pipe brush shall be used when removing welding slag. After welding, in order to prevent local corrosion or strength reduction, the surface shall be ground or cleaned.

Cutting and stamping: as the strength of stainless steel welded pipe is higher than that of ordinary materials, higher pressure is required for stamping and shearing, and poor shear and work hardening can not occur when the gap between knives is accurate. Plasma or laser cutting is better. When gas cutting or arc cutting has to be used, grinding and necessary heat treatment shall be carried out for the heat affected zone.

Bending processing: the thin plate can be bent to 180, but in order to reduce the cracks on the bending surface, it is necessary to give a radius of 2 times the plate thickness when the thick plate is bent along the rolling direction and 4 times the plate thickness when bending perpendicular to the rolling direction. Especially during welding, in order to prevent processing cracking, the surface of the welding area shall be ground.

Stainless steel welded pipe construction and construction precautions

Attention shall be paid to prevent highly corrosive magnetic and stone luxury cleaning drugs from contacting the surface of stainless steel pipe. If they contact, they shall be washed immediately. After construction, neutral detergent and water shall be used to wash the cement, powder ash and other substances attached to the surface.
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