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What is the difference between 304 stainless steel pipe and 316 stainless steel pipe?
Date:2020-12-01      View(s):431      Tag:What is the difference between 304 stainless steel pipe and 316 stainless steel pipe?

304 and 316 are the two most commonly used stainless steel pipe grades. The main difference in chemical composition between the two is that 316 contains Mo. In high temperature environments, 316 stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion than 304 stainless steel, so 316 stainless steel is often selected as Are parts.

316 stainless steel, 18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo is added with Mo, so its corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength are particularly good, can be used under harsh conditions; excellent work hardening (non-magnetic). Equipment used in seawater, chemical, dye, paper, oxalic acid, fertilizer and other production equipment; photography, food industry, coastal facilities, ropes, CD rods, bolts, nuts.

304 stainless steel is a common material in stainless steel with a density of 7.93 g/cm³, which is also called 18/8 stainless steel in the industry. High temperature resistant to 800℃, with good processing performance and high toughness, it is widely used in industry and furniture decoration industry and food and medical industry.


For 304 stainless steel, the Ni element in its composition is very important, which directly determines the corrosion resistance and value of 304 stainless steel.

The chemical name of 304 stainless steel pipe is 06Cr19Ni10, and the chemical name of 316 stainless steel pipe is 06Cr17Ni12Mo2. 06 means that the carbon content is less than 0.08, Cr19 means that the chromium content is 19, and NI10 means that the nickel content is 10. The main element that resists rust and corrosion is nickel, and its price is also high.

The purity and thickness of 304 stainless steel pipe and 316 stainless steel pipe are different. 316 stainless steel pipe has better corrosion resistance and is more resistant to rust.

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