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What is the Grade of the Steel?
Date:2020-09-27      View(s):420      Tag:What is the Grade of the Steel?

One of the first steps to getting steel pipes is to determine what grade is needed. Narrowing down steel pipes will always require knowing what grade will do the best job. But regardless off the grade, the sizing will remain the same since it follows the same industry standard. Consider that one less variable you have to worry about when getting a steel pipe. ASME and ASTM usually have piping specs that show which grades of steel are beneficial for your project. The main difference between the two is that they have different standards to go by. Even though the grades are similar across both spec sheets, their standards will often determine what testing is done for each.

The SAE and AISI are two other organizations that should be looked at for steel pipe grades. Their numbering system simplifies a lot of the more complex classifications of steel piping. Keep in mind that the numbering system is only one part of the specifications needed when ordering steel pipes. This is a good example of where the information from the other organizations come in. SAE/AISI combined with ASME/ASTM gives you a full profile when deciding which steel pipe is better for your project.

The last grade sort of sits by itself, and for good reason. API 5L is strictly used for the oil and gas industry. As its own category, the grade has multiple delivery conditions to choose from. Things can get complex when comparing the different options with API 5L. Just like the previous choices, the grades are there to help you narrow down what works best for your industry.

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