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What is neck flange and where to use it?
Date:2019-10-25      View(s):517      Tag:neck flange

The neck flange, also known as the WN flange, has the primary function of joining two components into a given pipe system. Mounted in pairs, the contact between the two parts is guaranteed by the compression performed.


The neck flange was developed with the mission of transferring tension to the pipe. This transfer is intended to reduce the pressure at the base of the flange.


It can be used for any combination of pressure and temperature and furthermore, the neck flange attached to the pipe by a single butt weld gives lower residual stresses than the overlap type, for example. Assembly requires that the pipe be cut to the exact size and bevelled for the butt weld.


Other features of neck flange:


Tapered neck, above average strength, which prevents part deformation, beveled end, structure designed to withstand varying and high pressure and temperature, and weldability to the top of the flange.


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