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What is galvanized iron?
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The galvanization technique has been present since the 19th century, many are the buildings and structures that are channeled with said material for the conduction of both residual and potable water.

The galvanization process consists of coating one metal with another, it is carried out in materials such as steel or iron. The most common galvanizing consists in depositing a layer of zinc (Zn) on iron (Fe). The purpose of such a process is to help resist oxidation and corrosion that can cause moisture and environmental contamination to the coated material.

There are several processes to perform the zinc coating, the main ones are hot galvanizing which consists of immersing the material in a melted zinc crucible at a temperature of 450 ° C. Another common procedure for galvanizing iron or steel is the so-called electrolytic galvanizing, this process uses several elements: Power supply for voltage transformation, a solution of metallic salts called electrolyte and finally the anodes, very pure zinc metal plates, copper and nickel.

Properties of galvanized iron

The main properties that this product acquires thanks to galvanization is a strong resistance, both to abrasion and to all possible blows that it may suffer.

Another of the properties of galvanized iron is the great strength that demonstrates atmospheric corrosion and water, not only fresh water but also seawater.

These properties are what makes it an ideal product for the world of plumbing among others.

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