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What are the wall thicknesses of scaffolding steel pipes?
Date:2019-06-19      View(s):685      Tag:scaffolding steel pipes,gi pipe
According to the "Safety Technical Specification for Building Construction Fastener Steel Pipe Scaffolding JGJ130-2011", the specification of the steel pipe of the scaffolding should be φ48.3×3.6, that is, the wall thickness is 3.6mm. Scaffolding for single gauge steel pipes. It uses only one type of steel pipe, such as fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding, and only uses 3.6mm electric welded steel pipe. Different types of construction use scaffolding and formwork brackets for different types of construction. At present, bridge support frames are mostly used for bowl buckle scaffolding, and door scaffolding is also used. Of course, this is the thickness of the more common scaffolding steel pipe, and other specifications of scaffolding can be used depending on the project.

Scaffolding steel pipes are classified according to centralized classification, and can be divided into: seamless steel pipes and seamed steel pipes, which are referred to as straight seam steel pipes, carbon pipes and alloy pipes, stainless steel pipes, and the like. The wall thickness of seamless steel tubes is: 2.146, 2.589, 2.885, 3.107, 3.477, 3.773, 3.995, 4.217, 4.476, 4.809 and so on. Scaffolding steel pipes are used not only in the manufacture of building structural grids, pillars and mechanical supports. It can be said that the steel pipe not only reduces the weight of the bracket, but also saves the building materials, and makes the construction more and more simple.

Scaffolding steel pipe wall thickness models have their own characteristics, each type of use has a standard calculation method for calculating the theoretical weight, such as the theoretical weight calculation formula of square rectangular steel pipe, weight per meter: kg / m (kg / m) & lb /ft (lbs/ft). The commonly used rectangular tube calculation formula is: (length and width) × 2 ÷ 3.14 - thickness × thickness × 0.02466 = kg / m. Therefore, in terms of purchase cost, this is also within the scope of use, based on the calculated weight to give pricing, as well as the use of scaffolding steel pipe has a certain weight comparison.
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