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What are stainless steel tubes
Date:2019-09-05      View(s):599      Tag:stainless steel tubes
Stainless steel is a very versatile metal that can be applied in various scales in many different sectors. With resistance to temperature changes and impacts, it can different shapes and thickness. Stainless steel pipes are among the most sought after.

Shapes and measurements of stainless steel pipes
By not oxidizing and corroding, the stainless steel tubes are easy to maintain and give much more resistance to the work. Installation is also simplified and avoids damage.

Parts shapes and sizes can be customized to customer requirements. Stainless steel pipes can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes, whether with or without seam.

The four types of stainless steel pipes most used are:
Round: are usually applied to industrial machinery and tools.
Squares: They are most used in design and architecture projects.
Rectangular: Usually used in metal furniture, kitchen accessories, handrails and stairs.
Mechanical: They are mostly intended for hydraulic assemblies and high pressure piping.
As you can see, the functionality of stainless steel pipes varies. Just choose the thickness, size and shape that will ensure the safety and durability your project needs.
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