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West-east natural gas transmission by seamless steel pipe
Date:2018-11-27      View(s):873      Tag:seamless steel pipe, steel tube, stainless steel pipe

The last class Jack’s teacher asked him to check the benefits of the West-East natural gas transmission project by seamless steel pipe. After a night’s inquiry, Jack found that natural gas played an indispensable role in people’s life.


Natural gas is mainly used to generate electricity, for its high power generation efficiency, low construction cost and fast construction speed. It is also widely used in gas stoves, water heaters, heating and refrigeration, greatly improving the quality of life. “But how is the gas transported?” Jack asked his teacher. His teacher said, “By seamless steel pipe, which can not only transport natural gas, but also transport water and some solid material.” Jack can’t imagine what would happen if there were no steel pipe in the world.

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