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Ways to Improve the Strength of Alloy Steel Tube
Date:2019-04-19      View(s):702      Tag:Alloy Steel Tube

The use and use value of alloy steel tube materials are mainly determined by their properties, and the main factors affecting their properties are their composition and structure. The research on alloy materials with low melting point and high strength can be divided into two aspects: one is to add trace elements to the existing alloys to increase the strength while maintaining the melting point unchanged; the other is to prepare new alloy tubes to adjust the composition and proportion of alloys to achieve the purpose of improving the properties of alloys. Generally, non-ferrous metals (alloys) have the following ways to improve their strength:

(1) Solid solution strengthening is to increase the strength of the material by forming a solid solution, and to improve the hardness and strength of the solid solution by the action of the solute element. At present, the development trend in this area is to improve the performance by adding a small amount of multi-elements. In the same metal matrix, a small amount of multi-elements are dissolved, and its solid solution strengthening effect is better than that of dissolving a single element with the same total amount.

(2) To change the quantity and distribution of the second phase, the strength and hardness of the composite alloy consisting of more than two metals depend not only on the nature and quantity of the matrix phase, but also on the distribution, shape, quantity and size of the second phase. It is also a common method to improve the strength of the alloy by changing the number and distribution of the second phase.

(3) The size of grain refinement has a certain effect on the mechanical properties of metals. Generally at room temperature, fine grains have greater strength, hardness, elongation and toughness than coarse grains. Therefore, in many cases, in order to obtain fine grains, measures such as increasing the degree of subcooling during crystallization, modification, vibration (mechanical, ultrasonic, electromagnetic vibration) are adopted to refine grains and increase strength.

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