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Vietnam Seeks Exclusion from Philippines Investigations on Steel imports
Date:2020-07-22      View(s):472      Tag:Vietnam Seeks Exclusion from Philippines Investigations on Steel imports

Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam has expressed concern about the Philippines initiation of three safeguard investigations on steel products imported into the country, including aluminum-zinc sheets, coils and strips, pre-painted galvanized iron and pre-painted aluminum-zinc, and galvanized iron sheets, coils, and strips and asked the Philippines Department of Trade and Industry to strictly abide by rules for safeguard investigations and imposition in accordance with the World Trade Organisation’s safeguard agreement.


According to the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam, the Philippinesimports of the products from Vietnam were not considered and it was eligible for Vietnam to be excluded from safeguard measures following the WTO’s rules.


The agency would continue to cooperate with the Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines, Vietnamese Trade Office in the Philippines, the Vietnam Steel Association, and producers to keep a close watch on the investigations to protect the legitimate rights of Vietnamese producers and exporters.

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