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Ultrasonic inspection of seamless tube
Date:2020-05-27      View(s):461      Tag:seamless tube

1. wave reflection method, in the state where the relative movement of the probe and a high pressure boiler tubes automatic inspection, the only special large-diameter seamless cam manual inspection. Automatic or manual inspection should ensure the sound beam scanning the surface of all of seamless steel pipe.


2. longitudinal defect inspection acoustic beam in the tube wall along the circumferential direction of propagation; test transverse defects propagation direction of the acoustic beam in the tube wall along the tube axis. The longitudinal and transverse defect inspection should be carried out in two opposite directions on the tube.


3. In demand-side transverse defect inspection is not made for the party inspection of longitudinal imperfections. Both parties agree that the buyer and the seller, the inspection of longitudinal and transverse defects can be only in the direction of the tube.


4. Automatic or manual inspection should be chosen coupled to good effect and without prejudice to the seamless steel pipe surface coupling medium.

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