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Types and grades of ASTM A53 steel pipes
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The ASTM A53 specification covers the types of fabrication of welded and seamless steel tubes with black carbon steel material. Hot dipped galvanized steel tubes, black, welded and seamless. The diameters range from NPS 1⁄8 to NPS 26 (10.3 mm to 660 mm) of nominal wall thickness.

The ASTM A106 standard specification covers the seamless carbon steel tube, applied for high temperature services.

Different types and grades for both standards

Types and grades of ASTM A53 steel pipes

For ASTM A53 there are ERW and seamless steel tubes Type F, E, S covering Grades A and B.

A53 Type F, butt welding in furnace, continuous welding Grade A

A53 Type E, electric resistance welding (ERW), in Grade A and Grade B.

A53 Type S, seamless steel pipe, in Grade A and Grade B.


If the steel raw material of different grades is in continuous casting process, the result of the transition material will be identified and the manufacturer should eliminate the transition material with processes that could separate the grades positively.


In the case of ASTM A53 Grade B in an ERW pipe (welded by electrical resistance), the weld seam must be heat treated with a minimum of 540 ° C [1000 ° F]. In this way there is no martensite without tempering.


In case the ASTM A53 B pipe expands cold, then the expansion should not exceed 1.5% of the required outside diameter.


Note that type F is not used for beading, and if type S or type E is applied for beading or cold bending, it is recommended to use an ASTM A106 Grade A) pipe. However, the use of ASTM A106 Grade B standard for cold bending and curling is not prohibited. Depending on the manufacturer's installation, the ASTM A53 type E steel pipe can be without cold expansion or cold expansion.


Chemical and mechanical properties of A53 B

Content of chemical properties of ASTM A53 Grade B: C0,30%, Mn1,2%, P0,05%, S0,045%, Cr0,40, Cu0,40, Ni 0.40, Mo0.40, V0.08.

The mechanical strength of ASTM A53 B is the same as that of the ASTM A106 B steel pipe, maximum tensile strength of 415 Mpa, maximum performance resistance of 240 Mpa.

Elongation: For pipe A53, there are 2 methods to calculate elongation.

A: Use the equation: e = 625 000 [1940] A ^ 0.2 / U ^ 0.9

B: Consult the table of elongation values X4.1 or table X4.2 of ASTM A53 for the different areas of specimens.

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