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The weld edges heated temperature
Date:2023-03-24      View(s):102      Tag:The weld edges heated temperature

(LSAW - Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welding), it was the same as manual welding (LSAW - Longitudinal Submerged Arc welding), which was the same as the manual welding of LSAW-Longitudinal Submerged Arc welding. The place is that it is with the mold residue, but the slag is not the coated electrode. It is specialized in melting flux. This coating system consists of a funnel welded through a pipe to the front of the flux.

Five-wire submerged arc welding wire diameter should be selected according to the welding current, when the current 5 wires in the same wire diameter to adapt to the current range, you can use the same wire diameter combination. Five wire submerged arc welding current and arc voltage settings, you can press 1 silk high current, the voltage gradually transition to five wire small current and voltage. In the current general decline of 10% to 30% of the line gradually reduced, the arc in the 1 ~ 3 V voltage gain gradually increased.

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