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The phases of production of large diameter tubes
Date:2019-08-08      View(s):236      Tag:large diameter tubes
The production and processing of large diameter tubes can be carried out according to different procedures, depending on the final destination of the products: in particular, round and square tubes can be created by welding, by hot rolling or without welding. The welding, in turn, can be of different types: electric resistance (it is indicated with the initials ERW), in submerged arc (it is indicated with the abbreviation SAW), in a helical submerged arc or longitudinal .

We deals with the production of large diameter square section and circular section tubes. They can be used in numerous fields, from the agricultural sector to the energy sector, from the pharmaceutical sector to the chemical sector, and therefore can be used in a wide variety of contexts. Also of considerable importance: large steel pipes, in fact, represent a fundamental component of nuclear plants, mining companies and refineries.

Following production, large-diameter pipes can be subjected to processing or to several successive processes: satin finishing, polishing, pickling, scording of welds and passivation, just to mention the most common.

The production processes are rather elaborate, and involve numerous phases in succession: among others, it is worth mentioning the caulking of the sheet edges, which allows the edges to be ready for welding, the forming of the barrel, which must give life in a cylindrical shape, and the various weldings, both internal and external, with different machines depending on the type. Once it is completed, the weld is tested through an ultrasonic check, which has the purpose of verifying the possible presence of defects or imperfections. It is also possible to proceed to a further X-ray check, which in turn is useful to identify any corrections to be made.

Finally, some specific magnetic powders are used which, after the hydraulic seal test, are used to verify that every detail of the large diameter tubes is perfect.
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